My friends and I supply custom copywriting and content services to some of the world’s largest media outlets, blogs, and private clients. You’ll also find us developing and managing websites along with general IT consulting for businesses, churches, and anybody else that needs our help.

We have a rule around here: PEOPLE OVER PROFIT. We’re ok with losing money to make sure our customers have a great experience with us.


I’m Tim and I’m the owner. More important, I’m a proud husband, foster parent, and a Christian. (Family picture. 🙂 ) We’re based in Florida so I love beaches, water, and warm (not hot) weather.

ECS provides financial content and support to some of the largest media outlets in the world. We also write for investment firms, law firms, and other non-disclosure clients. If you’re looking for travel articles, the latest innovation in fishing polls, or something about the ultra trendy music scene, we won’t be very helpful. (Especially the ultra trendy music scene. We like charts and graphs. Enough said. 🙂 )

Our IT division includes a team  of developers that work around the clock creating and maintaining some seriously awesome and specialized apps and websites for our clients in numerous industries including many U.S. churches. Contact me to learn more about that.

Want to know more about me? Contact me below. I’m happy to supply samples, some free advice, or a burrito if you’re close.


What We Really Do.

Looking for some help? We can help you with:

  • Blog articles
  • Business plans
  • Business product descriptions
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Sometimes “interesting” requests
  • Advertisements and promotional materials
  • If the subject is business or money, we write it!

We’re simple people. You’re not paying for our new leather couch because there is no new leather couch. (We bought two computer monitors on Craigslist…seriously! Don’t judge…we cleaned them up.)

We’re easy to work with, and love what we do.

Need changes to your piece? There is no 1 change maximum like some of the studios out there. We change it until you like it…period!


(Note the stock photo of trees. Because trees = calm. And now that you’re calm you’ll do business with us. At least that’s what the marketing podcasts say. 🙂 )

Our Work.

We do a lot of ghostwriting but for clients who publish our work publicly, we post it on our Twitter feed. We’re pretty busy so sometimes we get behind on our Twitter account. If you would like more samples, let us know below.

Amazon Named Most Valuable Brand In The World #amazon $AMZN

Which Warehouse Club and Retail Memberships are Worth it?

Holiday Movies – The Take So Far #movies #rogueone

Cannabis Dog Biscuits for Hyper Pups #marijuana #vet #dogs

@realDonaldTrump Tweets– Companies Prepare To Respond #trump


Some of our clients are regulars. Others contact us when they need us. Many hire us as ghostwriters so we can’t tell you about them. We’re choosy about who we take on because of our busy schedule but we like to help people in all stages of growth.

Our Writing Has Appeared On.

Yahoo! Finance
Business Know How
Business Insider
and a gazillion other blogs and websites!

Disclaimer: Don’t hire us for photography. We didn’t take the above the picture. If we would have taken that picture, it wouldn’t have been remotely close to that good.

Contact Us.

We’re easy to find and we respond fast. (Unless we’re taking a nap) We like to have fun but we love our clients and we take our product very seriously.

Thanks for stopping by. Contact me below if you have questions or need our help.